Meet our new reading helper...Lips the Fish!

We learned about a new reading helper today!  His name is "Lips the Fish" and he reminds us to get our mouth ready to say the beginning sound when we come to a word in our reading that we do not know.  We practiced this strategy today and will continue to do so throughout the year.  Ask your child who Lips the Fish is and how he helps us read tricky words:)

Learning combinations of 10

Happy New Year to you all!!   It feels good to be back in our regular routine at school.  This week we started to learn about combinations of 10.  Partners "rolled" 10 2-sided counters to see what combinations they could find.   Some counters were red and some were yellow.  We found a lot of the combinations, but not all of them...YET! 

Math with friends!!

Last week in math we learned what an attribute was.  We discussed different kinds of attributes that we could sort objects by.  We came up with all kinds including size, shape, color, etc.  We then worked with a partner to pick an attribute, sort our objects, and then label each of our groups.  Once we sorted our objects one way, we picked a different attribute and sorted them in a different way!  I saw not only great sorting, but great teamwork too!!!  Great job everyone:)

Thanksgiving fun!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends from Mrs. Foley's class and a few parent volunteers!  We learned the story of the first Thanksgiving and made bracelets to go along with the story.  We painted our hands to look like turkeys and we did a fun activity book too!